Silent install command


i’m trying to install pdf 2.2.1 in silent mode (with pdfarchitect out / updates put directly to ‘never’ - > 

I used these switches first /ForceInstall /VERYSILENT /LANG=English /COMPONENTS=“program,ghostscript”"!toolbar" /tasks="!desktop_icon" /NORESTART 

after I created a reg file. : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PDFCreator\Program]

I launched my commands, the install take place in the good way and the register rule applied well. But when i launched pdfcreator , the update is always there in 'weekly check for updates’

do we have a swith to put easily update to Never? and pdf architect out?

Thanks a lot


if you’d like to set any registry settings directly during the setup (before running PDFCreator for the first time) you can place them in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\PDFCreator.Net and set the UpdateInterval to “never” as I am not sure if 0 works. 
To change registry settings after PDFCreator was run at least once, you can use 

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