Silent, scripted install

I’ve been testing this installation. When run as a administrative user, the INF works as expected. When run as a startup script, it loads the .inf, but it does not accept the entries within, rather it says the keys do not exist. I have uploaded both, the local install which is successful and the scripted install which is not. Also, the .inf file itself. Advice?

Also, the snippet that copies and executes the install:

REM Install PDFCreator
robocopy “\\\PDFCreator” “C:\util\PDFcreator” /Log:c:\util\PDFCreator.log /E
C:\util\PDFcreator\PDFCreator-1_7_2_setup_offline.exe /VERYSILENT /LOADINF=“c:\util\PDFcreator\PDFCreator_2.inf” /NORESTART /LOG=c:\util\pdfcreatorinstall.log

ha! I accidentally posted the fixed version of the snippet! thats what I changed, I didn’t realize that it had worked, I was waiting for my test machine to reboot while I posted this.

The problem was in the /loadinf="<file.inf>", I had just the name of the inf, assuming the location was where the application was running from, and it would be sufficient. I changed it to what is posted above, and it works…