Silent Uninstall Switches for PDFArchitect 9

Hi all,

Is there a way to silently uninstall PDFArchitect 9, either via command line or through switches when using PDF_Architect_9_Installer.exe?

A bunch of company computers patched/updated PDFCreator recently and they've all had PDFArchitect installed along side it.

I'd like to use my management software to remove PDFArchitect, but cannot find any documentation on commands or switches to use to mass uninstall the program, otherwise I will need to remove it manually 1-by-1 on each system, which is not feasible.

Thank you.

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Same problem here.
Answer from support via email - silent uninstall not possible for exe.

I tried installing only msi modules from c:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 9\Installation through our software deployment and it seems to run as expected. Also uninstalled as expected without the leftovers from the exe installer.

Still no solution for uninstalling those doployed by the .exe installer....

That's obnoxious.

I guess I'll block the executable in the meantime and manually uninstall these when I have time.

Are there switch(es) to guarantee that patch installations/version upgrades for PDFCreator do NOT install PDFArchitect when they're pushed out automatically?