[solved] Printer does not react until main window closed [v2.5.1 Build 5]

Edit2: solved: uninstalled PDFCreator (including delete settings) & re-installed - works fine now.

Edit: this is duplicate with PDF Creator window keeps opening when I print to PDFCREATOR
I’ll try to ReInstall from scratch and report.

Hi There,

I installed PDFCreator v2.5.1 Build 5. When printing a document, PDFCreator opens two windows:
(a) the print dialog (to choose title, profile etc) and
(b) the “main window” of the application (i.e. the window with the two buttons “application settings” and “profile settings”).
After closing the print dialog, the main window remains open; if a second printjob is started then, the print dialog does not appear until the PDFCreator “main window” is closed manually and the application is re-opened again.
Why does PDFCreator opens the main window in addition to the print dialog window?
Why doesn’t it react until this window is closed again?
It should not be necessary to close the PDFCreator “main window” after each print job manually…!

Greetings from freiburg / Germany
Martin Lindenlauf