[Solved] Script for digital signature, how to connect with PDFCreator?

A batch file with this code works for me. It uses my usb certificate and the timeserver and signs a pdf with a visible signature. Any help how can I connect it to PDFCreator? How can PDFCreator output become input for JSignPdf in the batch file and how can the signed pdf become input for PDFCreator?
When I put the batch path in Advanced script with the Filename I use in PDFCreator (DateTime:yyyyMMdd) instead of file.pdf the document is not signed. Thank you!

java -jar "E:\JSignPdf\JSignPdf.jar" -kst WINDOWS-MY -ts http://txxxxxxxxxxx --tsa-policy-oid xxxxxxxxx -V file.pdf

With this simple script the pdf made by PDFCreator is signed with JSignPdf and is attached in Thunderbird.

java -jar JSignPdf.jar %1 -kst WINDOWS-MY -fs 9.1 --l2-text "xxx xxx xxx xxx  ${timestamp}" -V -llx 452 -lly 735 -urx 589 -ury 815 -ts http://xxxxxxxxxxxx --tsa-policy-oid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
move /y results_tmp_signed.pdf results.pdf
C:\PROGRA~2\MOZILL~2\thunderbird.exe -compose "attachment='E:\JSignPdf\results.pdf'"
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