Some fonts not correctly generated in pdf with a PDFCreator custom profile

I have PDFCreator 1.5.0. I have a Word document with this content:

calibri (Body)   ----    Arial   -----   Garamond   -----   Tahoma

(I really put the words into the Font that the word says)

In PDF Creator, I have created a custom profile with the option for automatic saving activated. I did this also in the standard profile. For each profile a have created a printer. So now I printed the word document once on the printer with the standard profile and once to the printer with the custom profile. With the standard profile, the pdf-File ist OK. With the custom profile, however, only Arial is rendered correctly. All the letters in the other fonts appear simply as rectangles, and, in the case of calibri with a question mark within the rectangle. I discovered that some settings can be only edited in the standard profile, e.g. the settings to ghostscript. Maybe here could be the problem. My question: How can the pdf-creation get to work with all fonts in a custom profile, like it is in the standard profile? (We have a need to use custom profiles).

Hi Philip,

my windows version is:

    Windows 7 Enterprise N, Service Pack 1, 64 Bit

The product version of my pscript5.dll is:


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we are on the trace of this problem. It seems to be due to incompatble PostScript printer driver versions. Which Windows Version do you use? (Windows 7? 64 Bit?) And can you also look up the version number of the driver?

On a 64 Bit machine, it is: %WINDIR%\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3\PScript5.dll

Hit the right mouse button on the file Properties -> Details and then look up the product version (not the file version)

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Now I found out something. In the options dialog of PDFCreator, in the treeview, I choose Formats -> PDF, then I go to the register 'Fonts'. There I saw a difference whether in the Profile combobox is selected "Default" or my own custom profile. For the default profile there are the settings as follows: "Embed all fonts" is checked, "Subset fonts when percentage of used characters below" is checked, and the percentage is 100. For my own custom Profile both checkboxes were unchecked and the percentage was 0. As soon as I put the settings there the same as for the default profile, the pdf-Creation works with all fonts!
Now it would be nice if these settings were the default at creating a custom profile (I don't know why this isn't). However, it seems that these settings are accessible with COM: Among the properties of the class clsPDFCreatorOptions I found three that seem to be exactly the ones mentioned before (I did not yet try!):
Public PDFFontsEmbedAll As Long
Public PDFFontsSubSetFonts As Long
Public PDFFontsSubSetFontsPercent As Long

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thanks for the research;)
Normally the custom profile has the default settings at start, I really can´t tell why that wasn´t the case for you:)



Thanks a lot. Did the job for me with a barcode font were only rectangle squares were displayed. The Fonts name is bac38.ttf in my case.

In my case PDFFonts EmbedAll was already set

But the following two were needed to set:
PDFFonts SubSetFonts
PDFFonts SubSetFontsPercent 100

I do not understand why setting PDFFonts EmbedAll was not enough. Ok I’m using age old PDFCreater 1.3.2