Sourceforge 1.7.2 PDFCreatorWebSetup.exe failing to install

I’m trying to install PDFcreator 1.9.1 from the website.  It tells me to download from Sourceforge since the website is having errors.  Sourceforge only has 1.7.2,  So I download the 1.7.2 PDFCreatorWebSetup.exe file as there is no non web version available.   When I try running PDFCreatorWebSetup.exe I get an error that it’s not able to download PDFCreator-setup.exe.   That file is not available on sourceforge, the last vesion that has it is 1.5.1.  Could someone with upload capability put it back please and upload 1.9.1?

I ended up having to grab 1.7.2 PDFCreator-1_7_2_setup.exe from


Download from our site is working, it might have been a temporary issue. If you are downloading from a mobile connection, you might need to clear your browsers cache before downloading: