Split mutipage file into one file per page using PDFCreator


With our previous version of PDFCreator we could set the profile to save one page per file however I am struggling to find this function on the upgraded version Please advise how we can split multiple page files to one page per file?

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if you select .jpeg or .png as output format, it will automatically cause PDFCreator to create 1 file per page.
For PDF output this directly isn’t available, but it might be possible to handle this by configuring an additional Ghostscript parameter, as described here:


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Hi Robin,

Thank you ever so much, this advise has been most helpful.

I wonder if you could also be so kind as to help further. In the One file per page options on Version 1 of PDFCreator we could set the Leading Characters as zero and set the Maximum count of leading characters. Is there anyway we can set up the profile to do this using Version 3?

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