Spool delivers no output / Temp path wrong?


I got no answer to my posting in German help area before, so I am trying the English one. I need to use pdfcreator, but it won’t let me do it properly as normal Windows 7 user. The document stucks in the printer queue and no dialog opens.

PDFcreator just works when I am signed in as an admin. I see in the PDFcreator monitor that the teamp file is saved under C:\Users and as I had to install it with admin rights it uses the Admin’s path. But how can I change this? Giving every user rights to this path does not work. Registry temppath changes like in earlier versions did not work out.

Thanks for help!


I will send you a mail with a link to a preview version of PDFCreator 1.5.1 in which he hope to have this solved. Please let us know if it works.

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Thanky ou for the quick response and the preview version as proposed solution. Installed it (as Admin) successfully, but problem stays the same: Usage of PDFCreator as Admin works fine, other user not


We have the same problem. Is there a solution? We use Windows server 2008R2 with terminal server


it should be fixed now, if it is urgent and you can´t wait for version 1.6.0 to be released, send us a mail and we can send you an updated .dll which has fixed the problems on some of the servers so far.

( just in case you havn´t seen it yet: http://www.pdfforge.org/content/installation-terminal-server -this needs to be done in any case)