"Stable" download of 1.7.2 is problematic

While installing PDF Creator 1.7.2, I got two error messages.  I have saved the log.  

If you would like the log uploaded to your site, please advise how I accomplish that.

I believe one error happened when 1.7.2 tried to uninstall the previous version and was unsuccessful, and this error happened:

                                     Drivername : PDFCreator

                                     Portname : pdfcmon

                                     Result: Error 1802 = The printer already exists

                                     No printer has been installed!

While I can create a PDF file, the program is behaving oddly.  It is setting up a printer monitor, and then when I have finished creating the PDF and saving it, the program tries to start the process again, and then I have to cancel out.


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if there was a problem with uninstalling the previous version, please try if uninstalling PDFCreator, rebooting your machine and reinstalling it again afterwards solves the problem. If not, pls upload your setuplog.txt here (click on the “paste as text” button on the top right of the text box, paste your log into there and click submit.)