Suppress Page Header information?

My website creates documents using a PHP program, which I then print to a PDF file (using PDFcreator) for users who prefer to download the content rather than read online.

PDFcreator adds a Header to each page that includes the filename (left side) and the URL/program name (right side). In my PDF files, this right-side text is a very ugly string and looks like this:

" "

Is there any way to delete or modify this?

If you use the Internet Explorer for printing you can uncheck it in the settings.


Thanks for your quick reply. I normally use FF, so I switched to IE - that ugly text string is now in the FOOTER of the document (left-side).

Your message says I can "uncheck it in the settings". Can you be more specific? In version 1.0.0,  went to >File >Print >PDFcreator >Options but do not see any option that sounds like suppress header or footer.

I can enter my own "Document Title", but it does not affect this string (in either FF or IE).

Thanks in advance for your aditional help.

These settings cannot be changed in PDF Creator as it is only being ordered to print what is given to it from the browser. To shut these off from appearing in your PDF in IE, you go to File_Page Setup, then you can choose "empty" for Header, Footer, Page Count, etc..., then they will not print to PDF.

In FF (FireFox) you can remove the headers and footers in File -> Page Setup. On one these tabs you can set the headers and footers. Make your own choice. :wink: