Temporary-only profiles / OK button and not just Save

v0.9.9 has added profile support. But when you're printing something and want a temporary change in the preferences,please don't force us to click Save just for a specific print job.

Normal printers just let you change something for a specific print job. You usually click Preferenecs in the printing menu of the application that would print (e.g. Office). You then change your chosen settings and click OK. After you print, if you try to print again, the changes from earlier are lost because it knows they were just temporary.

Not every little temporary change is a whole profile change.

That is, I realize I can create enough profiles to cover every possible configuration. But it will never as efficient, quick and easy as temporary profiles.

So please support temporary profiles (an OK button instead of Save).


The reason why there are temporary profiles is because the control panel modifies the default printer settings while in the application only the printer settings of the current printing control are modified. This can be done very easy, if you have only a printer driver.

PDFCreator is build a bit more complex. As I have found out until now it is done like this:

Modified Generic Postscript Driver => Redmon Redirecting Port => PDFSpool.exe => PDFCreator.exe => Ghostscript

The settings of the page size are done in the Printer driver itself, so they can be adjusted temporary, but the settings in PDFCreator are not done in the printer driver.