Terminal Server 2016 takes 6 sec to open print dialog PDF creator


On our desktop it takes 2 secs when printing for the pdf creator dialog to open. On the terminal server it takes 6 secs . We have installed the Terminal server version.

Any ideas. Windows server 2016 running terminal services, AV makes no diff. we have one mapped drive…

The desktops also had a mapped drive and they are faster.


do you get the same delay when you run the PDFCreator.exe manually?
The time it takes for the dialog to open after the print job has been sent mainly depends on how long the job takes to go through the spooler. We do however use the same print drivers in both editions and I am not sure what else could be causing this. Are you printing the same documents from the same application on both machines?

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If you mean when we click pdf creator on the desktop (run the app) it still takes approx 6 secs to open. It is the Terminal server version v3.1.2 Build 10843.

It is also a trial version


is it a PDFCreator Custom trial or did you use the regular PDFCreator Terminal Server installer with a trial license (the latter will work exactly as the purchased version)? Loading the app itself shouldn’t take 6 seconds, but can depend on hardware and system configuration, I assume the Terminal Server is a lot more powerful than the desktop machines, or was the test done with limited shared resources? Which OS dis installed on the Terminal Server / Desktops?
Only requirement for PDFCreator is the .NET framework 4.5.x, could there be any issues with the .NET on the Terminal Server?

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