Terminal Server Issue

Hello All,

I just started to implement PDFCreator 0.9.9 on our Terminal Server Farm. The installation succeeded without problems, but when I want to create a PDF document, i.e. print a test page on the PDFCreator printer, the print job seems to run fine, but the PDFCreator.exe does not start. After a lot of examination I found that this is caused by the terminal server user environment setting for the "local settings". Because of speeding up loading and unloading of roaming profiles, in our TS environment did an outsourcing of most of the user profile contents from default the local place (C:\\Documents and Settings\\...) to a profile folder inside the users home path on a file server (H:\\Profile\\Local Settings). This path is also reflected in the user registry under "HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\Shell Folders\\Local Settings". The fact is that PDFCreator does not work with this setting but  works fine only if I set it back to "%USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings". This is really not acceptable because other applications need this setting to point to the right place on the file server.

It seems that the PDFConvert print driver uses a "hard wired" pointer of "local settings" to the default position. Is there any chance to change this behavior or to help me in other way?

Thanks in advance.

I need more informations. Did you use the standard installation or the server installation?

Thanks for the quick reply, Frank.

It is a standard installation, as recommended for terminal servers.

Greetings from Hagen, Germany


I am having the same issue running Pdfcreator version 0.9.9. The error message I get is "Network Error Windows cannot access \\\\Server_Share\\User_Share\\Administrator\\Documents Error code 0x80070005 Access is denied." We have Windows Server Enterprise 2008 Service Pack 2 64-bit operating system.
We use roaming profiles so any user can connect to any server and have consistent settings follow them.
There must me a registry setting that is being passed to the users that has the Administrator location in the file system instead of the users %USERPROFILE% environment variable.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Did anybody find any resolution for the Terminal server issue.

I too had a problem when using Terminal Server. However I am not using roaming profiles.

When someone tries to print to PDFCreator the application is also opened to other users. That was in version 0.9X.

In version 1.00 it became worse. Now other users see all the jobs that other users are printing (in the PDFCreator queue). But more thatn that, the queue is growing larger and larger, and does not remove older jobs that were printed already. They all stay active and it keeps popping up as in a loop.

Is this matter solved in 1.0.1 that was just released??



I have PDFCreator version 1.2.1 installed on a Windows 2008 Server and am using terminal server in the PC's that access the applications.  I´ve used a different profile in order to print a document once it has been saved but the problem is that the document is printed for each user of the system not only for the user that has really sent it.

Can anybody help me with this?