Text layer with scaling

How to save a text layer by printing a document with scaling to a larger or smaller size sheet?
For example, if print Word A3 in PDF A4 or PDF A1?

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where/how do you do the scaling? By text layer, do you mean searchable text? Or resizing the document without resizing the text?

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I print PDF/DJVU with a text layer from the PDF/DJVU viewer (PDF Change Viewer, DJView).
I want to keep the ability to search and copy text without the use of FineReader..
I'm sorry, that just did not accurately set the question.

I am afraid there is no setting in PDFCreator to change this, if the data isn’t sent to the printer as searchable text. Perhaps there is a setting in the printing application, but I’d assume scaling nearly always will convert the text to an image 

Had a little test.
Latin and numbers stored properly!
Why is the problem with the Cyrillic alphabet?


Result in Infix PDF printer:

replace to

Have any idea how to fix this flaw?