Text Scrambled when saved

We are editing a 20 page PDF file. When viewed in PDFArchitect the text is as it should be but when it is saved and opened in Adobe Reader the text is scrambled with all the letters on top of each other. It seems every word has all its letters in one position. 

We have resized the text boxes, merged text boxes, remade text boxes, deleted the text, pasted the content into notepad, recreated a text box and pasted the text in. Nothing has resolved this issue.
We are using a full version of PDF Architect, all modules installed.
Screen shot can be found here: https://www.cubbyusercontent.com/pli/PFArcitctError.png/_cfe65f58e249498fb3b3a9074ce2ef2e

image here as direct link:


we have never seen this issue before, could you send a copy of the PDF to support@pdfforge.org? Have you tried displaying it in a third party viewer to ensure it’s not a problem with the Adobe Reader? Which versions of PDF Architect and Adobe Reader are you using?

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