The best way to save money on wedding party food

Saving cash on your wedding reception doesn't make you cheap, it makes you wise. Here are just a couple of the ways that you can save cash on reception food, yet keep your friends happy. Source of article: How to save money on wedding reception food.

Supply your own appetizers

You do not need to pay for a caterer to come in for your wedding. You can save as much as 50 percent on your reception and the mark-up you would pay for a caterer by simply making appetizers before the reception and freezing them. It always helps whenever you know someone who is a pretty good cook.

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Servers unneeded

When the food is being served, it does not have to be by some hired hands. A well-dressed waitperson will not make or break the party. Friends and family may be happy to help serve your guests if there are items that have to be served.


Some reception locations will let you bring your own outside drinks. If this is the case, make an effort to do it yourself to stay away from inflated alcohol prices. If the venue offers alcohol to you that you need to use, make an effort to stick with wine and beer to save expenses.

Restrict the open bar

When looking into your alcohol budget, make sure you consider that an open bar can lead to a massive waste of budget money. Only have the open bar for the first couple hours rather than the whole time. You might like to restrict the menu to just one “fancy drink” to save cash also. You do not have to have alcohol at all in fact. If you choose to forgo alcohol, you will save a ton of cash and can do something such as smoothies instead.

Keep away from dinner altogether

Guests will be able to talk easier when they are eating appetizers rather than a full meal. You can save cash with just appetizers too. There is no reason to do a full meal.

The best way to save on meals

There are ways to save money on your sit-down meal if you feel it is necessary at your wedding reception. You can do it “family style” where you provide out one dish per table for everyone to share. This may be easier and cheaper for the reception.

You might be considering having a fancier meal. If this is the case, you should pay less cash and get food that is in-season.

Getting your dessert it

A wedding cake can effortlessly become expensive as tiers and other confectionery decorations are added to the order. Try a simple, two-tiered cake, with large sheet cake in the back. It's much cheaper than a grand seven-layer, particularly when there are fewer guests and the slice size is little.

Another choice is a cupcake display, which is popular currently and can cost a quarter of what an extravagant wedding cake might cost. If cupcakes aren't your speed, try an easy sweets buffet with brownies, candy or another affordable treat.

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