The service provider cannot find corresponding module

I am trying to install pdf creator on a virtual machine on LINUX . The virtual machine has no connection to Internet.
I downladed the .exe file. The installation was very long but finally terminated with the OK message.
When I launch the programm to apply security features to the pdf document, i receive the above mentionned error message:
the service provider cannot find corresponding module.
I suspect the installation is not OK because some modules needed to be downladed on the Internet.
I looked for a stand alone installation file to download but did not find any.
Can anyone help?
I thank you in advance


no files required for PDFCreator to run are downloaded during the setup, they are all included in any version of the installer, it must be something else. Does it say which module can’t be found?
I assume the virtual machine itself is a Windows machine but the VM host is Linux?
If the VM itself is Linux it will not work.

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