TIF Binarization/Dithering Problem (Migration Problem from "Code-Industry ImagePrinter" to PDFCreato

Hi! We migrated from "Code-Industry ImagePrinter" to "PDFCreator 1.2.1", but now we have some issues with the further image processing, because the TIF pictures are looking different than they did before (in both cases 2-color G4 fax encoding). "PDFCreator 1.2.1" (or Ghostscript) puts a lot of small triangles into the grey areas during the binarization process. The problem is that our following image processing software doesn't like this triangles at all (sadly we can't change this software anymore).

Is it possible to change this "dithering method" in PDFCreator in some way? Until now I tried to set "-sDEVICE=psgray" and "-sDEVICE=psmono" as additional Ghostscript-Parameter in PDFCreator. The first parameter produced a corrupt TIF file (in fact it is a ps file with tif file-extension) and the second one produced no file at all...

When I'm printing a PDF file with Acrobat Reader I can activate "print as picture" in the printing menu. In this case PDFCreator creates a perfect TIF picture without triangles. But the print process takes much more time in this case (an average document needs a few minutes for printing instead about 10 seconds).

In this thread I saw that "ThierryF" had the problem that grey was in "grids": http://www.pdfforge.org/forum/help/7016-2-colors-bmp-printing-doesnt-respect-bw-picture

Grids should be okey for our image processing software, just the triangles are problematic. Normal binarization (just strong contrast with a fixed threshold for black and white) would be the best solution for our image processing software.

Any hints or ideas?

Regards, Martin 

What happen if you use our new tool Images2PDF (which supports multipage tiffs)? It is also possible to use the features of the pdfforge.dll? Both tools don't need printing.

Problem solved! When I choose in Acrobat Reader "Farben durch Drucker festlegen" instead of "Print As Image" also the PDFCreator produces perfect TIF pictures in a few seconds.


hallo, Images2PDF seems to be ideal tool!! I got a lot of multipage .TIFFs from scanner, but in this time .PDF files are preffered..

But seems to be, that is not possible convert many multipage TIF files to appropriate PDF files automatically. Only like one-by-one, so "print" is much better and easier, store names of .TIF/.PDF files directly :)

Images2PDF creates only one big PDF file from every TIFF pages.

Please, can I control pdfforge.dll directly?? from console?? thank You!!


>But seems to be, that is not possible convert many multipage TIF files
>to appropriate PDF files automatically. ....
The new version has a command line feature. :-)

>Please, can I control pdfforge.dll directly??
Yes, take a look at the help file coming with pdfforge.dll.

"Images2PDF.exe" ( Manual conversion of multipage TIFF files is possible, note that unfortunately it needs manually copy-paste name from source to target file :)

In couple comes console app "Images2PDFC.exe" (GbR (c) 2010, 2011):

It seems to be ideal solution, unfortunately console/batch conversion of multipage TIFF files is not working - it takes the first pages only..

My homework "help file coming with pdfforge.dll" was very nice reading, but needs so much coding, Thanks :)