TIFF file rotate automatically

I want to create a tiff file in landscape format from autocad - but the output is always rotated to portrait.

I have tested many diffrent settings, but it is always the same.



have you tried changing your printer settings in Windows preferences?


I have read some other posts about this problem - it depends on the format you create.

So a pdf-file in landscape format is no problem, but the same thing in tif-format is automatically rotated to portrait orientation.

I have solved this problem with another image printer - Thanks for reply.

What image printer are you using? I’m in the same problem. No matter how i set, the output tiff is always in landscape


the following thread might help to work around this issue with PDFCreator: PDFCreator - Page Orientation Solved :-)

While it describes the procedure to enforce landscape, the same should work to enforce portrait, only that it will have a different number.

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