Tips on troubleshooting printing from command line

I’m having some trouble printing from a specific application. When I open up the printer in windows and select print test page the auto save features will function correctly, however when submitting a job using command line the job never completes. The job seems to hit the spooler but the pdf file is never generated where I think it should be. Is there a log file somewhere where I can find how this is working.

The command I’m using to print is this:

pdfcreator.exe /PrintFile=“c:\filepath\filename.txt” /printername=“PDFCreator.exe”

Any help on this would be great.


I figured out my fail. What’s not pictured above is the missing " at the end of the file path. This does lead into my next question though. I have an application that runs as a service that I want to print to this printer. When I submit the job I see it queue up in the spooler and then disappear but it never shows up in my directory as configured in auto-save. The services is running as the same user that I am logged in with. I also found some logs and set them to trace. There aren’t any logs showing. Ideas for where to look next would be great.

-Devin McCubbins