Transfer license to new computer

Hi all. Have some questions.
I have old notebook with PDF Architect 5 Pro + OCR licence.

How i can transfer this licence to new computer? Deactivate on old comp and activate with same code on new or something else?
Where i can download PDF Architect 5 Pro + OCR version?
Code for 5 version will work with newest version?


you can transfer your license by sending a request including your current license key through
The download for the installer is located here: (same installer for all versions)
The key for PDF Architect 5 will not work in 6/7, as they use an account / subscription based license model.
The new PDF Architect 6/7 account licenses enable usage on up to 3 machines and you can always use the latest version, but are based on a yearly fee.

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Thanks for help.
send request