Type 1 Fonts - Blank page

In our office we are using PDFCreator - latest version - with 5 computers, all running with latest updates (i.e.Win XP, Adobe Acrobat  Reader).

On 4 computers the program works fine, on my workstation it is not able any more to print Type 1 Fonts - TrueTye Fonts work fine - even in mixed documents (Type 1 AND TTF). What is interesting: even if I print ONE  page of a Winword-document, PDFCreator puts out TWO empty pages.

Unnessesary to say that I have deinstalled/reinstalled/rebooted/cleaned regstry ....

Any of you any idea that could help me to solve this strange behaviour

Thanks in advance, Peter


25.08.2010 16:56:49: PDFCreator Program Start
25.08.2010 16:56:49: Windowsversion: Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 (Service Pack 3) [TerminalServer WinXP WinXPProEdition IsWinXPPlus IsWinXPProEdition]
25.08.2010 16:56:49: InstalledAsServer: False
25.08.2010 16:56:49: MyAppData: C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\pbischoff\\Anwendungsdaten
25.08.2010 16:56:56: Ghostscriptparameter:
-sOutputFile=C:\\Temp\\PDFs\\Absage Ausbildung.pdf
C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\pbischoff\\Lokale Einstellungen\\Temp\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreatorSpool\\~PS3B.tmp
25.08.2010 16:56:57: Time for converting [PDF without encryption]: 00:00:00:328: