Unable to open word with batch conversion

Hi, When I try the Batch function to convert multiple Word files to PDF i get a error message : Unable to open the document dokumentname.doc Please check to see if you have read permissions for the above file. I have that. If I make new files it works, but not with old files made before I installed your program . I use Office and Word 2007 and can save inside the program to PDF.

But I am after the Batch conversion . I have a lot of old docfiles which i need to make PDF-A files from.
Anyone have a clue?



I am not sure what is causing this error, but you could try creating a new folder on your desktop and placing all docfiles into it before batch-converting them. This should set the file permissions to the same values as when creating new files. If this doesn't help, please contact the PDF Architect Support Team here.

Best regards