Unable to print pdf into pdf/a 2b

Using the latest pdf creator version, when trying to print a normal pdf document into a pdf/a-2b document, selecting the PDF/A profile in the program options, the document printed is always in normal pdf format and not in a pdf/a format.
The program is working normaly, because when I print a word or excel document in pdf/a document, there is no problema.
What should I do to solve this problema?

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which application are you printing from? There might currently be problems when printing PDFs from Adobe Reader to PDFCreator in order to convert them to PDF/A (we will try to fix this with one of the next updates). You could also try to drag and drop the PDF directly onto the PDFCreator shortcut or a PDFCreator window, this will start a direct conversion without any printing and should create a valid PDF/A.

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Hello. Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to print a PDF into a PDF/a document opened in acrobat reader dc for windows 10. I’ll try to do it following your suggestion. Nevertheless, I spoke with friends that use the exact same programs and don’t face that problem. If your suggestion doesn’t work, I’ll wait for the update.