Unable to Print to PDF

I am unable to print to a PDF

I am able to see file file hit the queue as expected, but the PD file is never generated.

I know this information is very limited.

Please advise what details I can add to help troubleshoot.

Are any logs etc that I can provide?

Thanks in advance


often this is an issue with the printing system / permissions for the temporary spool folder as described here:

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My problem seems to be that the registry settings are not respected when my application prints to the necessary queue.

I have read in other posts that using the ActiveX interface is an option. I cannot seem to locate the correct DLL (OCX) file using my development system’s import utility. Where/which file am I looking for. Does it need to be registered with Windows first?

Will the ActiveX interface work in my scenario? My application needs to generate a document and send it to a printer queue. How does the ActiveX work in this scenario?

Thanks again for any help

Hi. Does anyone have any input on this?