Unattended printing to PGN with basic PDF Creator or would I need Server version?

Dear Forum.
I’m hoping some of you on here can assist putting me on the right track.
Long story short – I want to be able to print multiple sheets from Revit without being prompted for filenames each time. I want to print them to PNG (I can achieve to PDF via other solutions but want PDF Creator due to the printing to PNG and the prints come out nice for my use).
In my reading it seems that the PDF Creator Server would do what I want but I am a single user and would have a hard time justifying the cost just for the need I have.
It’s a bit hard to tell if I’m meant to be able to do this with the basic PDF Creator. I have changed the “Save” from “Interactive” to “Automatic” in the profile I’m using for printing from Revit, however I still get prompted for file names by PDF Creator after Revit is done with it’s part of the print processing.
I do see the section at the bottom that says “Show tray notification after converting a document – PLUS FEATURE” which is checked and cannot be unchecked (presumably because I only have the free version), & “Only show notification for errors”. Do this mean that if I had the paid version I would be able to check/uncheck these options and not be prompted for filenames?

Also, I see in the Help documentation in regards to the section “Differences between PDF Creator and PDF Creator Sever”, it mentions “You can create more files, PDF Creator is not built for lots of files”. Can that be explained further? Such as what is considered a lot of files? Is it only the number of files or the size of files also? What am I likely to see happen or what way would I be notified if I ran into the limitation with PDF Creator?

Insight on this would be very much appreciated!

(Edited to include the questions regarding differences between ‘Standard’ and Server PDF Creator.

I ended up purchasing the Business (not Server) PDFCreator with the idea that I’d be able to get support.
Upon installing this version and unchecking “Show tray notification after converting…” in the save portion of the Profile allowed me to do what I needed (saves as PNG files without prompting for filename). It’s a beautiful thing :slight_smile:
Also in case anyone ends up seeing this thread as wondering the same things - there was some good information on the website regarding the performance differences between the ‘standard’ versions and the Servver version that I had not originally seen. I think I’m going to be fine with the version I have since I can now print without name prmopts, but the performance of the Server version seems very impressive.

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