Uninstall PDFCreator?

I tried to install PDFCreator and there was some type of printer installation error (sorry I cannot be more specific). Was unable to use PDFCreator as it said that I needed to install a printer. In printer/faxes, it erased all my installed printers and I got some kind of spooling error.

Long story short, since it wasn't working, I decided to uninstall PDFCreator. BUT it's not showing up in Add/Remove Programs. No change after a computer restart. I have Revo Uninstaller, and it's also not showing up there either. I tried to go to the registry, but it's not showing up under


So it's still sitting in
C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs

Suggestions? How to uninstall?




 Same issue here on different computers here, XP SP3. 

When PDForge is installed on a computer where another pdf program is installed (seem to be confirmed but not 100%) already and when removing pdf forge ver.0.9x via uninstall process, it remove ALL the printer drivers and unfortunately seems to remove more than that.  As after unistallation it is IMPOSSIBLE to install any drivers anymore, from a server or a localy.   Even if we reinstall PDF forge.  Error when under non profile admin is that you do have the right to. when in full admin, he cannot find the files, even if files are there and visible.  After many test, it seems that in this case PDF forge remove some files (?) dll (?) reg (?) and realy "broke" someting in XP spool structure as even if we reinstall XP SP3, reintall, repair etc. it remains impossible to use and install any type of printer.

The only way we found to "repair" this is to ... reinstall completely Windows XP from scratch.

Sorry violetkites sounds bad for you.