Uninstalling PDF Architect 4


       I recently updated PDFCreator to its latest version and inadvertently installed PDF Architect 4 during the process.  I have done this once in the past, but when it occurred there was an uninstall option for PDF Architect in “Programs and Features” which I used to uninstall the program.

       I really do not want PDF Architect and do not use it.  This is occurring on a machine running Windows 10 Build 10586.36.  I can see that PDF Architect 4 is running a number of background processes and it would absolutely not be safe to just delete its program file folder as this would almost certainly result in system instability.

        If anyone knows how to do a full and graceful uninstallation would you please share how that is accomplished?  I’ve already tried removing PDFCreator hoping it might go with it, but it did not.  I use PDFCreator so will be reinstalling that, but I want PDF Architect 4 gone!

        Thanks in advance for your assistance.


I also installed a new version of PDF Creator recently, which I use and appreciate a lot.  So much so, I purchased a 3-year license.  PDF Creator installed fine, but PDF Architect was installed without my consent, and starts 4 services automatically in Windows 10 64-bit.  To make matters worse, I get daily spam pop-ups from PDF Architect asking me to upgrade (Boxing Week Sale!).  I don’t use PDF Architect and want to uninstall it without compromising my PDF Creator installation.

Thanks for any advice.

I am in the same boat. Installed PDF Creator plus (paid for 3 years) and PDF Architect 4 was installed. How do I get rid of it??


sorry for the trouble. PDF Architect does get installed with PDFCreator Plus by default but is listed and can be deselected from the list of components during the PDFCreator setup.
Of course it should be easy to uninstall if installed by accident.
In some cases no uninstall entry is created, we are still looking into the cause.
It seems this happens when the setup isn’t completed 100% successfully (the GUI disappears after the main application was installed, but the setup still runs in the background to download all required modules). Fortunately there is an easy solution to do a complete uninstall anyway:
Download and run the PDF Architect installer: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfarchitect4 , this will give you the option for a complete removal in the first step.

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I have tried to run the installer to uninstall PDF architect 4 and 5 but it does not give me the option to install? Who do I uninstaal these programs, I am runing windiws 10 the latetest versoin PDF architect doe s not even show up in installed programs so can’t uninstal it that way either.


do you mean you don’t get any option to uninstall?
In some cases everything except the notification service gets uninstalled, in which case you can disable the service in the Services section of the Windows control panel. Here is also a link to the latest version of the PDF Architect removal tool which should remove possible leftovers:
Sorry for the trouble.

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Dear Robin,

Can you send me the link to the to remove possible leftovers of PDF architect 6? Is there an option not to install Architect when pdfcreator is installed?

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Or can you update the download link on the website? I still would like to know how to not install Architect with the next update of PDF creator. Saves a lot of time.

I am also unable to uninstall PDF Architect by the normal methods (ie can't find the program in All Apps or in Control Panel Programs & Features. And the 2 links above do not appear to be working anymore. Could someone please add a new link or other suggestions on how to uninstall PDF Architect 4 in Windows 10 Home? I've already upgraded to 7 Pro and don't want version 4 hanging around anymore.