Universal Profile

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help me with a quandary.

We have an installation of 3 Citrix servers that contain an installation of PDF Creator.

on each of these servers we have created 2 PDF printers.


PDFCreator1 we are leaving as default but PDFCreator2 we have created a unique profile to assign to.
We want this to carry through to all users that log onto the server as it is required for automation of some software. However the profile is not carrying though. I have done as suggested on the following link to no avail: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/manual/predefine-settings

Has anybody come across this type of issue before and if so is there a way to get this to carry through?


you can’t set the additional printer directly through the registry, you will need to run printerhelper.exe /addprinter pdfcreator2 (printerhelper.exe is located in the PDFCreator program folder). Afterwards you can apply the settings through the registry.

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