Unknown error [403] issue

Hi all,

I have a scheduled task that runs once a week, it prints a web page using PDFCreator.

I have started to get an issue. As PDFCreater starts, I get a popup message saying the following:

An error has occured: Unknown error [403]

When I click okay everything runs fine but as this is a scheduled task and I am not always able to click okay, I need to prevent the error occuring.

Incase it is relevant, the operating system of the server in Windows 2003 (32 bit).

Can anyone help with this.



I have got the same problem with an Outlook add-in that creates an instance of PDFCreator 1.0.0 every hour.

Sometimes it issues the "An error has occured: Unknown error [403]" message box.

This error happens too when opening the program interface. So, I thought the problem was the "check for updates" feature, and I disabled this.

But the problem arised again a few days after.

The system is WinXP pro, Outlook 2007 and the add-in is written in VB6.

Any idea.?