Unknown printing error on one single machine

Hi everyone,

first i want to say that PDFCreator is a great tool, the documentation and the code examples should be a model for other software developers.

I'm using PDFCreator v3.4.1 inside Access-VBA to print reports. On most PCs i can print thousands of documents (in a loop for testing purposes) in a row without errors. But on one single machine i get an error, sometimes at the first document, sometimes at the 50th document. The error is meaningless "At least 1 error occured.". If the error appears then it appears at the line

' Converting under ""DefaultGuid"" conversion profile"
objPrintJob.ConvertTo (strPathname & "\" & strFilename)

Now i activated the debug mode in PDFCreator but a can't really get along with the logfile (see attachment). I seperated the log from the printjob where the error occured. Could you please have a look at it what could be the problem?

@Robin.W, @Florian: Could you please have a look at the logfile?

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PDFCreator_LogFile.txt (55.5 KB)