Unwanted Software warning from Microsoft on PDFCreator 5.0.2

I have some computeres which is warned about IRBundler as unwanted software from PDFCreator after the recent update?

We are recieve multiple report now of the same where Microsoft is regonized the newest update to PDF Creator as a possible malmware. IRBundler. Are you aware of this?

Is there any updates regarding this issue?

Any news regarding this issue?

Is there any news regarding this? :slight_smile:

I have installed PDFCreator 5.0.2 free version on a pc with Windows 11 and on many pc with Windows 10:
the integrated Microsoft antivirus/antimalware/antispyware didn't warned about it.

What do you mean when you say "... warning from Microsoft" ?
What Microsoft software?
And are you sure that warned about IRBundler and not about ICBundler ?


Ok, you are using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, a MS product for enterprise.

As you can see, the severity level is "Informational" so nothing really dangerous.

You are receiving this warning installing the free version or the Pro version of PDFCreator?
I'm asking this because I suppose that the Pro version should not contain any "bundler" to install optional unwanted software.

Hi Gianni1962Pc

First of all, thanks a lot for you response :slight_smile:
It is the free version of PDFCreator? So it might be the reason are your are writing. But we havent recieved any more alerts on any other devices since the 22 of November, so i thinks its all good :slight_smile:

I had this software warning too and was a little nervous about this) But for now I figured out this issue. It turned out to be nothing serious.