Upgrade Problem Bank Declined Transaction

I got an e-mail for an offer for 50% off PDF 's price in the School’s in, summer’s almost out offer. When I added this, and OCR to my order, when I go to check out, I keep getting a message that the transaction was declined.

This happens every time I attempt to purchase a module or upgrade the program, as I think my bank may block certain countries, but not sure. I even tried going to uclik and there are no FAQ about this, I can not contact them as I did not have an order #. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to proceed with this?

Matt M

Hi Matt,

which payment option did you select during the checkout process? We will need to look into this as it hasn’t been reported so far and we don’t have an answer yet.

Best regards,


I used Visa. I called my bank and they did something on the bank’s end and I was able to complete the transaction! Thanks for the help and fast reply.