[Urgent] PDF creator fails to create more than 43 docs

Hi guys,

Apologies for re-posting this, I realized that the original post ended up in the root forum for some reason... I think it was because I posted to the forum from my mobile phone.

Can you point me in a direction with this problem, Running XP SP3 and Access 2003, the process begins to create PDF files normally until it reaches the 43rd document and then it constantly flickers, producing an error message saying that the program is busy and then switch to, retry or cancel... it won't produce any more than 43 documents out of roughly 750.  

I am completely stumped as I am trying to solve this problem on someone else's computer which is used to create bills for their business.  I can't update to a newer version of PDF creator (I have tried but then Access fails to run the program saying that PDF creator version 6.0 is missing) so currently using version 0.9.8  

Please can you help, need to get this sorted ASAP.



you will need to update to the latest version of PDFCreator and then edit the reference in Access.