Use on server as networked printer

We’re trying to set up a PDF printer on a server, shared on our network to other machines, which can be used to capture printer output to a pre-defined PDF file stored in a folder on the local drive of the server.

We’ve tried installing PDF Creator on the server, using the Automatic mode, configuring the output file and folder in PDF Creator, and sharing the printer on the network. Then we connected to the shared (networked) PDF Creator printer on a client machine, and it downloaded the printer drivers onto the client.

We can print to the shared PDF Creator printer from the client and we don’t get any errors - a print job is created and runs. However, no PDF file is output on the server.

If yo do the same think on the server itself, log on and print a Notepad text file to PDF Creator, then it creates the output file as we want. It just doesn’t happen when you try to print onto that server from a client machine.

We noticed that the profiles for PDF Creator are user-specific ie. if I log on and set the mode to Automatic, then my colleague logs on to the same server and runs PDF Creator, he doesn’t see the mode set to Automatic, he sees it as Interactive.

Can someone explain if we can do what we want to do and how do we do it? Thanks. PDF Creator server and client machine are both Windows 2012.


only PDFCreator Server properly supports printing from a remote client, as the regular PDFCreator always requires to run in a logged in users session. You can find out more about PDFCreator Server here: or request a trial by contacting support(at)

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