User Tokens with Navision

How do I add user tokens to a profile.
I want to save a PDF file as the Invoice number from the Navision report.
I print a field in the report "SaveAsNameToken" witht he correct value but this is not see / interpreted by PDF creator.
Pleas ehelp.


you need to activate the user tokens inside the "advanced" tab of the profile settings.
Then you can use them for e.g. defining the filename inside the "save" tab.
More detailed documentation is available here:

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Thanks Robin,
That part is working now.:grinning:

Next problem is to print individual PDF files for a filtered set of invoices. :thinking:

I have this working now.
I am using the so-called NAV Classic Client, NAV 2009.

NAV Report A searches through a list or set of invoices.
For each invoice it runs Report B with the Invoice No. as the filter.
Report B is set to use PDFCreator as the default printer.
Other processing is managed in the profile for the printer.

It seems that you must clear (instanciate) the NAV Report Object B before printing each invoice.
Just part of the .COM ecosystem, I presume.

Thanks very much for the help today.


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