Using environment variable to assign to AutosaveFilename

What should I enter in field Filename in the Auto-save menu so that the output file is called the content of my environment variable %MY_FILENAME% ?

... [or in field AutosaveFilename of  PDFCreator.ini]

I am printing to a PDFCreator printer out of a script and want to name the resulting pdf file not any of the predefined variables like or , but assign my own value to it.

Or can I assign my own value to any of the REDMON variables?

Thanks for any help, Peter

Hello Peter,

have you checked the com samples?

Hi Frank,

yes I have looked at the com examples, but I didn't find anything that suits my demands. I don't want to call PDFCreator directly, but implicitly by using the printer. Maybe with this code example can explain better what I want to do:

set PDF_FILENAME=myreport.pdf
set REPORT_TYPE=report_xyz.rep

call reportgenerator.exe -type %REPORT_TYPE% -printer %PRINTERNAME% -printandexit

And the PDFCreator options "use Auto-Save" is set and the Filename is set to %PDF_FILENAME%

or alternatively the environment variable setting is something like this:
set REDMON_DOCNAME_FILE=myreport.pdf
and the Autosave Filename is set to

Both does not seem to work, but maybe you understand what I am looking for.



I have checked the examples and have yet to get the basic script, Convert2PDF, to even work.  Haven't had any luck finding info on things that need to be done in order to use the script or what happens if it does not work and you get the "File not printable" message.  I have not found any help info on what this message is or how to fix it.  Can you help?

My autosave setting are set to filetype: PDF filename: , filename token: and the directory for autosave set to a specific path name.

I use an excel vba macro to run a print loop thru a large spreadsheet and assign a unique name to each tab and print it. Printer is assigned to:

Application.ActivePrinter = "PDFCreator:"

I don't know if this is of any help to you, works for me and several coworkers. Running for over a year.