Using PDFCreator in command line and silent

Hi All

I have been trying to run PDFCreator on a command line and I am unable to produce any output. I have read the manual and how to setup Autosave/profiles, but no go.

When calling PDFCreator in a command line, I’d like to use the input path/name and output path/name.

thanks in advance.

Same situation here.
Need to open .PS file with CMD and save to .PDF to the different folder every time, without user attention.
Earler versions works with:
pdfcreator /ifPATH/filename.PS /ofPATH/filename.PDF /deleteif
Latest PDFCreator version dont wotk with this.

Edit: It is now possible to set the path for the output directly through the command line again


this was discontinued about 3 years ago, the last version which is still capable of doing this is 1.7.3.
Here is the list of currently available command line parameters:
Since it isn't possible to define the output location through cmd any longer, you might need to use the COM interface instead:

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Thanks Robin. I’ll have to check how I can use the lastest version.