Using PDFCreator with a web application

I need help, what i have to do to use pdfcreator with a web apllication, a need to print without the need of the print dialog. My question is what i have to do to print without the print dialog (window print), in a server.



If you dont want to see the dialog window of PDF creator, then enable Auto save option and set a directory to where u want to save the PDF. I hope this is what you are looking for.


Can the web service also specify the file name to create, and determine when the file creation process has finished?


I also have a problem with running PDFCreator via web-interface. I tried several different ways (our Windows script, my ActiveX dll, and my console program), but everywhere the result is negative.
The purpose of my task - to convert PPT files to PDF on server side. As a Web server I'm using Windows Web Server 2008. This server have installed MS Office 2007, and PDFCreator.
It seems to me beyond just solving this problem, I moved in version console program. In this case, my program runs PDFCreator, which in turn (as I see in the process monitor) runs the PowerPoint program. I also see (in a log file of my program), that the latest call in my program is a call PDFCreator's procedure PDFCreator.cPrintfile. After it all hangs. Also in the process monitor I can see that PDFCreator works and uses nearly 100% CPU.
In this case, the same program running locally on the server correctly performs conversion from PPT to PDF.
Below you can see a fragment of my code to convert (VB6):

Public Sub PPT_2_PDF()
    Dim PPTFileName As String, Path As String, FileName As String
    PPTFileName = Trim$(PPTInput)
    If "" <> Dir(PPTFileName) Then
        SplitPath PPTFileName, , Path, FileName
        Set PDFCreator1 = New clsPDFCreator
        Set pErr = New clsPDFCreatorError
        With PDFCreator1
            .cVisible = False
            On Error GoTo errLabel
            If .cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup") = False Then
                If .cStart("/NoProcessingAtStartup", True) = False Then Exit Sub
            End If
            ' Get the options
    printLog "Start", True
            Set opt = .cOptions
        End With
        With opt
            .AutosaveDirectory = Path
            .AutosaveFilename = FileName
            .UseAutosave = 1
            .UseAutosaveDirectory = 1
            .AutosaveFormat = 0 ' PDF
        End With
        Set PDFCreator1.cOptions = opt
    printLog "Set options", True
        DefaultPrinter = PDFCreator1.cDefaultPrinter
    printLog "Get default printer: >" & DefaultPrinter & "<", True
        PDFCreator1.cDefaultPrinter = "PDFCreator"
    printLog "Set default printer: >" & PDFCreator1.cDefaultPrinter & "<", True
        isPrint = True
        PDFCreator1.cPrintFile (PPTFileName)
    printLog "Start print file", True
        PDFCreator1.cPrinterStop = False
        StartTime = Now
    End If
    Exit Sub
    convertState = "Error!"
End Sub

Private Sub myWait()
    Do While isPrint
        printLog Now, True
    PDFCreator1.cDefaultPrinter = DefaultPrinter
End Sub

Private Sub PDFCreator1_eReady()
    PDFCreator1.cPrinterStop = True
    Screen.MousePointer = vbNormal
    convertState = "Done"
    printLog "Done", True
    isPrint = False
End Sub

What could be the reason for such behavior?

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