UTF-8 encoding problem

 Hi !


I've encoding problem (maybe), and can not use PDF Creator well ....

english Windows Home Server 2011 (CCQ-00128)

Internet Explorer can encode the hungarian characters well, Microsoft

XPS can alsp print them, but with PDF Creatot there are special squares

in the text .... Don't know what should be set or change to force the program

to use UTF-8 encoding, or what should be the problem .... Maybe just some

true type font should be add to OS ....





Waiting for replys, Thanks in advance !



File version 0.3.3790.1830

Product version 5.2.3790.1830

I’ve also tried it with Chrome. There were no squares, but still not 100%.
There were spaces between letters, or some letters had different font type …

Chrome does not produce text output, but draws something that look much like text (if you zoom to 500%, you will see strange line paths in the text)



have you tried using the PDFCreator to convert to jpeg instaed of PDF?





 Yes, I've tried it. Same problem .... :(

Internet Explorer 9.0.8112

PDF Creator 1.4.3

Same thing on 2008 R2 ENT Terminal server. Issue printing from web site with UTF-8 encoding.

p.s. 1.5.0 no changes.


seems like desktop experience feature should be enabled on server starting from 2008 to enable True Type fonts. Seems like it fixed issue. MS like always.

Hi !

Desktop Experience already installed .... Should I reinstall it ?
or What should have to set after enabled the feature ?

Thanks in advance !



could you kindly check the version of PSCRIPT5.dll (\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\…\3)?
This causes problems on Windows 7 IE 9 if its version 5.x   (still testing it on servers).
Often the problem can be solved by simply using a different browser.