V 1.2.0 now generates b/w-output from CMYK-input

Because of output size problems with newer versions (-> PDF output file size) I still use version 1.2.0 when combining 16 one-page pdf files into one broschure pdf file. So far, this was without problems. With the current batch of 16 pages, all in CMYK color schema with photos I get a resulting output file (16 into 1) that is only in black/white. The options parameter is "use CMYK color schema".

Does anybody has an idea what may be the reason?


my guess is that this error is caused by the program you use for printing the PDFs to PDFCreator, did you change or update it?

Hi Robin.W,

the production environment is for this publication is stable (except for windows updates). The 16 input files are all produced by PDFCreator 1.2.0 / Ghostscript 9.0 containing text and color graphics. When I checked them with Foxit, they were all OK (in color).

Then I ran the same PDFCreator with unchanged profiles to combine the 16 pages into one publication. So far (9x) this worked fine. Only with the current edition I get b/w-output.

Earlier editions had resulting files sizes between 2MB and 3MB. The current edition ist larger (4.2 MB) .



have you tried the new version 1.3.0?



I have now completely uninstalled v1.2.0 and installed v1.3.1 today.

Generating PDF files in Publisher from the single page documents using the print function with the pdfcreator-"printer" I get color output files of nearly the same size as in v1.2.0. There is no visible difference between the output of v1.2.0 and of v1.3.1. Output is viewed with Foxit pdf reader.

However, if i join the single page pdf files into one multi page pdf file the output is black and white. This occurs with a 16 to 1 join, but also with a 2 to 1 join, regardless of whether the source file have been produced by v1.2.0 or v1.3.1. It does not seem to be a volume problem as I first thought.

The pages do not contain any private information. I can send them if it helps analysing the problem.

kind regards,




so far, I have used pdfcreators print monitor to join files (stop printer, open n files, combine, start printer) with the problems mentioned above.

With version 1.3.1 there comes a "PDF Architect" which also is able to combine several pdf input files into one merged file. When I join my 16 colored single page files into one merged file using pdf architect the result file is colored! and 1.441.212 bytes long compared to b/w 1.132.817 bytes from print monitor (v1.3.1).


Thanks for this new tool. My problems seem to be solved by version 1.3.1 with pdf architect.