V2.1.x how to instantiate PDFCreator in VBA


With the new version, the following code does not work
Set PDFjob = CreateObject(“PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator”)

How can i instantiate a PDFCreator Job in VBA ?


Something like this.  

       Dim PDFjob As New pdfforge.PDFCreator.COM.PdfCreatorObj()

At least in vb.net, this is how it works.  You need to create a reference to the PDFCreator.exe.

Good Luck!

Hi Tone,

Thanks you for you response, but it’s in vb.net not in VBA :frowning:

In VBA this reference does not exist…

Someone else, another suggestion ?

I’ll end up not using this software that evolves but not in a good way, I think.

You can reference this article on how to add a reference in VBA.