VB6, COM and 1.3.1

I had been adding print-to-pdf functionality to an existing VB6 app for the past 3-4 weeks.  I had originally installed 1.2.3, got the Print to work, based on the demo app at C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\COM\\VB6\\Sample1  (Removed the circle/text printing, added form properties for path, filename, # of copies, etc., load the form, keeping it hidden, executing the initialization stuff, then print to the PDFCreator printer.  After printing is complete, unload the form.)


However, I was experiencing the intermittent PDFCreator properties window opening, even though I was autoprinting.  I saw that on v1.3.1 there were fixes made for this, SO, on my XP SP3 development box, I...

  • deleted the 1.2.3 printer
  • uninstall v1.2.3 PDF Creator
  • reboot the machine
  • install v1.3.1 PDF Creator
  • Install a v1.3.1 printer
  • Try to run the demo app at C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\COM\\VB6\\Sample1

It won't run: I get an error saying that VB can find the project or library, with the following line highlighted:

Private pErr As clsPDFCreatorError

and with the references listbox then highlighted

Missing: PDFCreator.

There is no DLL to reference.





it shouldn´t make a difference whether you delete the old missing reference first or not.

You need to run the PDFCreator.exe as admin once, then you should be able to add a reference to PDFCreator.exe.





If it helps, there's no problem printing to the new PDFCreator printer.

Anyone have an answer, or a suggestion ???



Anyone have an answer, or a suggestion ???



In order to continue working on (my software) update, I've reverted to version 1.2.3, bugs and all.


Hopefully, someone can provide an answer, or a suggestion.



you need to remove the old reference and add a new one, then it should work.





I have the same problem.

The PDFCreator does not even show up in References - VBAProject in Excel, when version 1.3.1 is installed.

When installing version 1.2.3 everything is ok again.

You need to add the reference and then it should work.

Add a reference to what?  The exe file?  I tried that earlier, and I got an error, to the effect that the exe was not able to be referenced.

Would you delete the old (MISSING) reference first, then add a reference to the (EXE? or DLL?)  file.