VBA COM Runtime-Error in PDFCreator

Hello, i recently updated from 2.5 to 3.0.1 (now 3.0.2) and i got a automatism error in Access / VBA when trying to create a PDFCreatorObj.

Heres the Code:

Dim PDFCreatorObject As Object
Set PDFCreatorObject = CreateObject("PDFCreator.PDFCreatorObj")

when debug, i get the following error:

Runtime-Error '-2147024894 (80070002)' - 
Could not find specific File

OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Application runs under Access 2003 32bit


After clean uninstall, restart and install 3.0.2, the error persists.

Need help, thanks in advantage


do the VBA samples included with PDFCreator still work?
They run properly here, but don’t seem to create a PDFCreatorObj anywhere in the sample code.
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Under Com-Scripts,
the VB6-Sample, clicking on “TestPage2PDF” responses with Error that the type is not known,

when changing:

Dim PDFCreatorQueue As Queue
Dim PrintJob As PrintJob
Dim ShellObj As Object
Dim fullPath As String


Dim PDFCreatorQueue As Object
Dim PrintJob As Object
Dim ShellObj As Object
Dim fullPath As String

It responses with “Run-time error ‘429’: ActiveX component can’t create object”

The Word-VBA Project doesn’t do anything after start and activating Macros.
When adding:

Public Function Test()
  Call testPage2PDF
End Function

It replys with “Error: Project or Libary not found”

When Changing in Sub “testPage2PDF” the following Lines:

Dim PDFCreatorQueue As Queue
Dim pJob As printJob


Dim PDFCreatorQueue As Object
Dim pJob As Object

theres an Error in Line:

Set printJob = PDFCreatorQueue.NextJob

with same Message.

Did you checked it with the following Knowledge-Base Updates from this Week?

Windows 10 : KB4041676
Windows 7 : KB4041681
Server 2008: KB4041681
Windows 8.1: KB4041693

I think this could have something to do with it but not sure.

Robin, i just recently saw that you also speak german as i do, in german forum someone had similar problem a few days ago: COM-Schnittstelle Version3.01


I can’t fully reproduce the issue here; at least the (unaltered) VBA macros all work here, I couldn’t test the VB6 examples on my machine.
I am not very familiar with VBA or VB6, but my examples VBA read
Dim PDFCreatorQueue As Variant
Dim printJob As Variant
in PDFCreator 3.0.2, perhaps this helps?
We will keep looking into this.

Best regards,