VBA Excel error with pdfCreator v2.0.2


I have a problem with new version of pdfCreator v2.0.2 and Excel VBA.
Some years ago I write a VBA script for Excel 2003 for print a sheet in pdf through pdfCreator.
Up to pdfCreator v1.7.3 all worked fine but when I installed new 2.0.2 version, my script not works.

Excel give me an error on command:
Set pdfjob = CreateObjec(“PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator”)

with this message:
run-time error ‘429’:
ActiveX component can’t create object

Now I unable to use my Excel sheet.
How I can resolve this?




the PDFCreator and the COM interface were completely rewritten after version 1.7.3, please have a look at the COM section of the manual for the current method names, they have been changed completely to make them more fitting (future releases will be backwards compatible to the current version, you will only need to do this once-we just needed to do this properly when writing everything from scratch)
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Well, kind of helpful and kind of not. I’ve been using PDFcreator from a macro very successfully for the past year - mainly because it produces PDFs which are much smaller that the built-in routine for save as PDF. Being an Excel expert, and not a “COM” or “C++” expert, I simply copied the routine provided by Ken Puls  at http://www.excelguru.ca/content.php?161-Printing-Worksheets-To-A-PDF-File-%28Using-Early-Binding%29which although complicated worked very well 

Yesterday, I finally succumbed to the nag messages and updated PDFcreator, assuming - reasonably, I think - that it would be backwards compatible. Big mistake. I tried re-linking the reference, but that just gave me a different error. 
So now I read “COM interface completely re-written”… but have no idea what that actually means, and more importantly, no idea now how to use PDF creator programmatically.
I’ve reverted to V1.7, and for simplicitly I’ll probably abandon PDFcreator altogether and put up with the bloated Microsoft PDFs. 
PS I note others are having similar problems, eg
Would it be that hard to for the PDFcreator team to create a simple interface (“PrintToPDFcreator(filepath)”) and hid all the complexities of PDFcreator ?  


you can actually call this from the command line, PDFCreator.exe /PrintFile="C:\example.file"
no need to use the COM interface for this.

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