Vcf to pdf

When I print to pdfcreator 2.1 (using Windows 8.1), the resulting pdf seems to have multiple pages. How can I produce a one-page chart? The vcf chart is 19.5521" x 76.2083". I want to upload the chart for printing by a company that prints oversized charts.



does the printing application make you chose an output paper format for printing or is that handled automatically? You might need to create a custom paper size for this in the Windows “print management” (typing print management into the Windows startmenu should get you there) and set this as default paper size for the PDFCreator printer (again in the Windows control panel, under printers and devices).

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Robin, thank you. I’ve made adjustments to the PDFCreator printer paper size, etc., and to my VCF chart, based on instructions at the TMG Forum). When I open the file in Adobe Reader, I still get multiple pages. Do I also have to make changes to Adobe Reader to see a one-page chart? If I send the file to you, can you check to see if it is one large chart (that combines all 21 pages)? I can send a screen shot of what it should look like.

Thank you!

Hi Doris,

I doubt it is related to a viewer setting. If you installed PDF Architect together with PDFCreator you could use that to see if the viewer makes a difference. 
You could also try using the PDF Architect virtual printer for the conversion instead of PDFCreator, it uses diffent technologie and might have different results.

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