Ver 1.3.2: Auto-Save working on XP install, not on Windows 7 64-bit install

I use the COM interface to set the auto-save options and it works great on my XP machine.

But on the three Windows 7 computers I've tried, the auto-save does not complete. The Print Monitor opens with the document title and Status = "Waiting", but no PDF file on disk anywhere.

(I've read through the documentation and FAQ but I can't figure out what "Waiting" is supposed to mean. Waiting for what?)

How do I get PDFCreator auto-save to work properly on Windows 7?

I will happily make a PayPal donation if I get this working properly :)


Well I don't know what I did, but after uninstalling and re-installing a third time, it is working now.

Also, for some reason the "Printer stop" menu item in the monitor was checked, and needed to be unchecked.