Version 1.4.3 Multiple page print preview side bar does not work

Once you have selected to print and create a pdf document you have the PRINT page which shows the number of pages to print. With multiple page shown to print the side bar can be used to print preview each page. However since version 1.4.3 this does not work. The previous version 1.4.2 worked okay.

I have reloaded version 1.4.3 with the same results.

Please advise if a further release is planned to overcome this basic problem.

PC system used;

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

X64 based pc



I am not 100% sure if we both mean the same thing, but the print page I think you are talking about is not part of PDFCreator, but belongs to the printing application (adobe, word, etc).

is this the screen you are referring to?





Hi Robin thanks for your reply

It's not the correct page/image. 

I have selected PDFCreator as my default printer so every time I select "print" either by using the right mouse button or "print" from a drop down menu PDFCreator print page is show. Please see the following: As described the page slider on the right hand side is "frozen" and does not move down to display the 2nd or more pages. Version 1.4.2 of PDFCreator did move and was very useful to eliminate pages that I did not want to save in the PDF document that PDFCreator creates. I save a lot of web based news or technical discussions as PDF documents created via PDFCreator. I hope the additional info above and explaination helps

All the best.



the print screen you uploaded is part of Chrome and not the PDFCreator, but nevertheless it seems to be a system specific issue for you, I just tested with Chrome and PDFCreator 1.4.3 and I was able to scroll down and see all pages, maybe some plugin or update for Chrome changed this.