Virus in 2.1.1?

I just downloaded the latest version of PDF Creator

Started the install on 2 new computers – and Avast Free AV on both of them popped up to say “Rep.metagen” virus was detected in one of the files.

Sadly Avast doesn;t appear to keep logs so I can’t now go back and look up the file names involved, but after clicking “OK” the installation went ahead as normal and PDFCreator seems to work OK. Anyone know any details? Is this a false positive? How is it the program works without that file?

I had a similar issue. The Sourceforge page for PDF creator appears compromised (though having downloaded the PDFCreator installer from their page instead of SF I have also gotten virus warnings and so it would appear to me that PDFCreator is now being bundled with Malware/Junkware/spyware/etc

Here are the warnings from ESET when trying to install it on a machine.

If I had to guess, the developers of the application got paid a good amount of money for putting this junk in with their “Free” software and thus are not going to respond to any of these issues being posted and if they do, I assume they will give an excuse about being a false positive.

Ultimately this comes down to Free as in Beer vs Free as in Speech, if the software was truly free, it would be open source, instead its only free in the sense that you dont have to pay for it at the time of download or install…but you will pay for it in the long run when you identity gets stolen or your private information is sold to unsavory folks

Here is an Imgur album of the warnings received

Hmm yes well thanks for the info

But I’d be more convinced if I saw confirmation of that from Eset, after all it is flagged as potentially unwanted - looks like it’s triggering on heuristic analysis not a definite signature.

I just tried downloading version 2.1.1820 and Vipre blocked the download with the following information:

MD5 2fd629296abb423da0b48e822986ceed
Application Rating 2 -- Known Bad
Threat ID 4791855
Company pdfforge
File Version
Product Name PDFCreator
Product Version 


it is possible there is a false virus threat detection due to the fact an offer screen is loaded during the setup.
It only displays an optional offer and nothing will get installed additionally without your acceptance.
All files on our servers have been checked before uploading.
If you feel uncertain, please see the result if you upload the setup to, where most software correctly identifies the file as safe, if something is found, it’s the offer screen I mentioned above. According to the Virustotal scan Vipre find OpenCandy, which can be called a PuP but calling it a known bad threat is really wrong, it doesn’t do anything

An ad free setup is available here for a small license fee:

best regards,

I can not open a PDF file which was sent from my boss and I downloaded Adbobe Reader and cant open it as well. Can you help me with this ?

Outside the scope of this discussion - indeed of this forum.

Suggest you ask this question on Adobe’s discussion pages, if such exists.